January 24, 2020

Bed Styling Tips

** This post is sponsored by Redland Cotton.

Much to my surprise, I’ve been asked several times to do a little tutorial on how I make my bed, which makes me giggle since I often only make my bed for an Instagram photo!  However, one of my goals in this new year is to at least TRY to make my bed every day.  So, since many of you asked for styling tips after seeing my little master bedroom tour, I thought I’d walk you through it here.

We’ve had our bedroom set for several years and purchased it direct from a furniture company in North Carolina.  I can’t find a link for this exact bed, but the manufacturer is Habersham.  Since it’s so high off the ground, a bed skirt wouldn’t really work for us.  Instead, I used a California king-sized fitted sheet from Redland Cotton as a cover for our box springs.  I love how it ties in the ticking pattern.

Instead of a comforter, we use a duvet and natural-colored cover from Redland Cotton.  I love the fluffy coziness of a duvet, especially since we have some bitterly cold nights here in Chicago.  As a contrast, I drape a folded ticking stripe quilt at the foot of the bed.

At the head of the bed, I layer six king-sized pillows – two at the back with pillowcases, then two with natural-colored shams, and then two with ticking striped shams (all shams from Redland Cotton).  Next, I place two textured pillows I found at HomeGoods a while back and then complete the look with an extra long grainsack lumbar pillow.

If you’re wondering what on earth we do with all those pillows when we go to bed at night, the answer may or may not surprise you.  Basically, we just throw them all in a chair that we have on my side of the bed.  And if you’re wondering if all those pillows are actually necessary, well, the answer is of course!  When it comes to pillows, you can never have too many!

And speaking of pillows, if you’ll please excuse me, I think I hear mine calling my name….

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