December 4, 2019

Plastic Christmas Ornament DIY Ideas

I’ve got three fun ideas for you to pass the time on a snow day or to start a new tradition as a family.  All are super easy and inexpensive, which is just the way I like my DIY’s!  You might even have some of these supplies lying around your house.

Here’s what you’ll need for these projects:


I first started by cutting the brown crepe paper into pieces that I then crumbled up and placed into the ornament.

Next I stuck the googly eyes on and hot glued a red pom pom for the nose.  To make the antlers, I wrapped a brown pipe cleaner around the top of the ornament and pulled it up on both sides.  I then took another brown pipe cleaner and cut it in half.  Each half was twisted around each antler to make the “forks”.  Here’s a closer view so you can get the idea:

To finish, I just tied a bow on top with the gingham ribbon.  This would be such a fun and simple project to do with your kiddos!  They could help cutting up the crepe paper and crumbling it into little balls. And how proud they’ll feel to see the ornament on the tree that they helped to create!


Originally, I had intended to fill this ornament with the artificial snow that I had left over from another craft.  However, I quickly realized that I didn’t have even close to enough snow, so I improvised and used baking soda.  You could also use mini marshmallows or cotton.  I only filled my ornament halfway (mostly because I didn’t want to use ALL of our baking soda.)  And because it was on the heavier side, I actually hot glued the top back on it so that it wouldn’t come off once hung on the tree.  I then stuck on the googly eyes and started on his nose.  For the nose, I just cut a small triangle out of orange cardstock paper I found in the closet, but you could also just use regular paper and color it with an orange crayon.  I hot glued the nose on and then used a black Sharpie to draw dots for the mouth.

To create his earmuffs, I used two green pipe cleaners and twisted them together.  I hot glued each end to the sides of the ornament (about where his ears would be).  Next, I hot glued a red pom pom onto each end of the pipe cleaner.  Finally, I hot glued the gingham ribbon around the ornament and then left some hanging to look like a scarf.  I love how cozy and cute he turned out!


This would be such a fun craft to do as a family and carry on this tradition year after year!  To begin, I cut the red cardstock paper into strips.  I then wrote special memories from 2019 onto each strip.  You could have each family member write down memories as well and then fold each memory and place inside the ornament.

The outside could be decorated however you’d like, but I decided to use a chalk pen to create a background for the year 2019 which I wrote with a black Sharpie.  I then tied a bow with the gingham ribbon on the top.

Wouldn’t it be so fun to open up all the ornaments some day and read all the memories from each year?!  I can’t tell you how much I wish I would’ve started this tradition years ago when my kids were little.  Time sure has flown by (sniff, sniff….)

As always, be sure to tag me if you make any of these ornaments because I love seeing everyone’s own unique spins on an idea!


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