November 20, 2019

Super Easy Rudolph DIY

They say that epiphanies often happen in the weirdest of places, so I guess the paper mache aisle of Michael’s pretty much fits right into that theory.  And that is precisely where I came up with the idea to make a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer head to hang in the weird window of our kitchen area.  And the best part is that it was so unbelievably easy and only required a whopping three whole steps!

The inspiration all came from a paper mache deer head that I happened to spot when I went to Michael’s to pick up some felt for another project.  In my mind, it just needed to have a red nose and some greenery to become an instant holiday decoration.  I am absolutely in love with the end result!  Here is all you need for this easy project:


The first step was to draw on the eyes with chalk markers and let dry.

Then I used hot glue to attach the red nose.

Lastly, I slid the little gift topper greenery onto the antlers and then used suction cup hooks to hang it in the window.

This project was so incredibly easy, and this is just one of the many ways you could style your Rudolph.  You could add more greenery, a wreath, some jingle bells, etc.  I chose to just keep mine simple, and I love the holiday vibe Rudy brings to this awkward window space.  He’s WAY too cute for all the other reindeer to laugh and call him names, don’t you think?


  1. Melissa Zywick says:

    Very Cute 😊

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