April 9, 2019

Porch Swing Update

Now that spring is starting to FINALLY make an appearance every now and then here in Chicago, I’ve got porch swinging on the brain! I don’t know about you, but I’m beyond ready for a lil’ outdoor lounging. Give me all the warm temps, fresh air, and bird chirping, please! In preparation for that outdoor fun, I decided to give my porch swing a little makeover.

Ever since I first saw one of those bed swings that hang from twisted rope, I’ve wanted to try to replicate that look with mine. (If you have no clue what I’m talking about, just Google “outdoor porch swing.” Seriously, they’re AMAZING!) All I needed for this project was some manilla rope (I ended up using five and a half rolls) and a ladder.

I began at the bottom of the chain links by tying a knot and wrapping the rope around the knot to secure the ends. I then just wrapped the rope around and around the chains as far up as the roll would allow. When I got to the end of the roll, I simply tied another knot and then began the whole process over again with a new roll.

Yes, there are some areas where the rope is thicker than others, but perfection is not something for which I was necessarily striving. I absolutely love how it completely changed the whole look of the swing! It definitely put a strain on my lower back with all the twisting that was involved, but it was totally worth it!

Now I just need Mother Nature to quit teasing us with these roller coaster temperatures and just leave winter behind once and for all….

If you’d like to get a porch swing, mine is such a great price, and I highly recommend it! I love the whitewashed color! Here’s the link:
Diamond Back Whitewashed Porch Swing


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