April 15, 2019

Hanging Eucalyptus DIY

One day while scrolling Pinterest instead of doing laundry and cleaning and all the other things I SHOULD be doing, I came across this idea for a unique way to add texture and dimension to a wall space. I knew it would be such a fun addition for the transom window area of our living room. The problem, though, was finding a branch that was the exact right size.

Well, it must have been my lucky day last week when I happened to find (of all crazy things) a birch branch at our local antique mall that was the PERFECT length! And yes, you can best believe I scooped that baby right up! I also picked up four bunches of fresh eucalyptus from Whole Foods.

You guys, this project was so easy that all you need to complete it are four simple things:
* birch branch
* fresh eucalyptus
* jute string
* scissors

All I did was gather anywhere from three to five stems at a time and then tied them together with the jute rope. I attached each bunch to the birch branch with a knot. In total, I tied nine different bunches to the branch. Really, the most difficult part of this whole process was getting that branch to rest on top of the window molding. Let’s just say that I’m lucky I didn’t break my neck….

I love the pop of green it adds to this room! And you know what’s an extra added bonus? This room now smells AMAZING! My plan is to just let the eucalyptus dry on its own naturally. And really, you could use just about any kind of greenery or flowers (roses would also be beautiful!) for this display. What do you think of this fun little pop of nature?

  1. Ann Marie says:

    Such an awesome idea!!

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